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The three games

14 Sep, 2023

The Three Games of Life and How to Play in a Finite Sandbox


The Fallacy of Shopping as Politics

20 Apr, 2023

The Futility of Ethical Consumerism in a Monopoly Capitalist Society


Ethical corporate dictatorship or the model of free exit

12 Jul, 2022

Ameliorating the hardship of operating a company.


The adventures of Alice in the Purple Kingdom

15 May, 2022

A short story about a girl, a weird world, and why ignorance of one's purpose and nature might help in difficult times.


Content Whores

23 Feb, 2022

The social media landscape is the biggest brothel the world has ever seen.


A nautical chart for the wanderer of the social media ocean

01 Feb, 2022

A guide for navigating the ocean of social media that exist in the internet.